AccessBell Documentation & Support
AccessBell Documentation & Support
What is AccessBell?
AccessBell is a productivity tool that expands your Zoom meeting experience with features including real-time collaboration, personal notes, and agendas that sync with tools like Google Docs.
Zoom is an incredible platform to have virtual conferences and oftentimes users want to collaborate on-the-spot without leaving the tool. AccessBell integrates seamlessly with Zoom which allows you to continue having the same meetings with the same people in a more collaborative way.
The result is that collaboration becomes easy and frictionless. Attendees show up more prepared for meetings and leave with tangible notes and action items at their disposal.
How do I report feedback?
We will be constantly sharing product updates and we welcome your feedback on features you’d like to see or bugs you encounter at feedback.accessbell.com or by emailing us at support@accessbell.com.
We are still in the early stages so that means we’ll be frequently updating the AccessBell software with updates.
What’s next?
Once installed, every time you click a Zoom link to join a meeting, AccessBell will automatically launch into your meeting.
Stay tuned on our website, social media, and product updates page to see the upcoming features as we supercharge your Zoom experience!
Thanks for joining us on this journey to make meetings more productive.
Start by installing the latest version of AccessBell on macOS here:
Note: the minimum macOS version supported is macOS 10.10 (Yosemite).
After this step, AccessBell will run and begin a brief one-time onboarding, which includes signing in to your Zoom account.
During installation and onboarding you'll be taken to Chrome/Safari, and AccessBell will prompt and ask for "Automation" permissions in your web browser. This is required for AccessBell to seamlessly become your default Zoom experience - once a Zoom url is detected in your web browser (Chrome or Safari), AccessBell will automatically launch you into your meeting.
For macOS Catalina and later, AccessBell needs screen-recording permission to share your screen during Zoom calls, which will also be prompted when you attempt to share screen for the first time.
When using AccessBell for the first time, AccessBell will re-prompt for access to your camera and microphone for the basic Zoom functionality.
If you experience any issues with AccessBell and have an upcoming meeting you can:
Launch Zoom directly from your Applications
click Start Meeting if you are the host
click Join Meeting and enter the meeting ID or number if you are an attendee
If for some reason those fail to work, uninstall AccessBell by navigating to your Applications folder, right-clicking AccessBell, and selecting "Move to Trash." Try clicking on the Zoom link again and it should use the regular Zoom client to join.
Please write to us and let us know what happened at support@accessbell.com so we can ensure it gets resolved quickly.
Notes Tab:
Create or find personal or collaborative docs by using the drop-down menu. Then start typing into the input. You can use the copy link to send the doc to anyone else. You can also press ‘Export’ which will allow you to download the file locally.
Analytics Tab: Navigating to the Analytics tab on the bottom right will allow you to see real-time stats including: 1) ‘talk time’ to better understand how long each participant has been speaking for more inclusive meetings, 2) # of participants in the meeting at all times, 3) your bandwidth details.
To use AccessBell, you will need the following:
Any type of Zoom account (e.g. free, enterprise, education, pro) that you can login with Email credentials, Google Login, Facebook Login, or SSO. This is required as AccessBell automatically joins meetings when you are logged into a Zoom account.
A macOS running Yosemite or later
What is AccessBell?
AccessBell is a platform that expands your Zoom meeting experience with features including real-time collaboration, personal notes, and agendas that sync with tools like Google Docs.
What platforms is AccessBell available on?
AccessBell is available on macOS as a desktop application.
Installed AccessBell but cannot open the application (see screenshot below):
Right click the application and click “open”. After the informational modal pops up, there should be an option to “open” the application. This only needs to be done once.
How does AccessBell work with Zoom?
AccessBell integrates directly with the new Zoom SDK, so your Zoom account, meeting number, meetings links, and everything else are completely unchanged. Once you install AccessBell, you will not need to change anything else in your meeting routines.
Can I still access my other Zoom settings like virtual backgrounds?
Yes, no settings have or will change. All of Zoom's settings including virtual backgrounds are available for you. Simply navigate to the mic or camera buttons and select the arrow in order to open up preferences like you would during any standard Zoom meeting.
Do the people I'm meeting with see that I'm using AccessBell?
Everyone else in the meeting will see you normally as they do when you are using a standard Zoom meeting client. We’d love for you to share AccessBell with your friends or team, though!
Does my whole team need to be on AccessBell?
No, you can use AccessBell by yourself or invite others from your meetings to install it as well. There are no limitations on the amount of people that can be on AccessBell.
Does AccessBell affect the quality or reliability of my Zoom meetings?
No. AccessBell was created so that the quality of your Zoom meetings is exactly the same as when you open the meetings directly from Zoom. If you're experiencing lag or connection issues, try checking your wifi or connectivity settings.
Why does AccessBell require access to my Google account?
In order to create and maintain Google Docs that sync your notes in real-time and are shared with your meeting attendees, AccessBell requires Google OAuth.
Do I need to use AccessBell for every Zoom meeting?
By default, once AccessBell is installed it will automatically open your Zoom meetings directly. If you prefer to open a meeting directly with Zoom, open up your Zoom application and start the meeting from there if you're the host or enter the meeting number and link if you're an attendee.
We'd love to know your reason for wanting or not wanting AccessBell during certain meetings. Please let us know at support@accessbell.com.
How do I uninstall AccessBell?
To uninstall, navigate to your Applications folder, right click on AccessBell and select "Move to Trash" and please let us know why you've uninstalled at support@accessbell.com. We’d love to see if there is something we can do to make this useful for you.
If you don't see an answer to your question below, please email us at support@accessbell.com.
Security and Privacy
AccessBell is built with the utmost attention to detail on security and privacy. Our tool is used by users around the world from multinational companies to individuals in fields including telemedicine where information security and privacy is of critical importance.
If you would like more detailed information on how we handle your data, please read through our legal docs.
If you encounter issues with AccessBell, please first check our FAQs above.
If the problem persists or you are unable to find an adequate solution, please send us an email at support@accessbell.com with the subject “Problem with AccessBell” and detailing your problem in the body.
Please also do the following if you can:
Navigate to Finder
Paste in the following query: '~/Library/Logs/accessbell
Copy, zip, and attach the contents of that folder to the email and send
We will try our best to be with you within 12-24 hours of your email.
To uninstall AccessBell from your computer, open up your Applications folder, right click on AccessBell and select ‘Move to Trash’.
To fully uninstall and deauthorize your app’s permissions, sign in to your Zoom account at https://marketplace.zoom.us, click manage > installed apps, find AccessBell, and click ‘Uninstall’.
After completing the steps above AccessBell will be fully uninstalled. We’d love it if you emailed us at support@accessbell.com letting us know why you’ve uninstalled.
Contact Support
Reach our support team
If you have any other question or feedback for the AccessBell team, please send us an email at support@accessbell.com.
This email is constantly monitored between 9am - 5pm PST, Monday through Friday. If emailing during these hours, you shall receive a response from a member of our team likely within a few hours (less than 12 hours guaranteed). If emailing over the weekend, you will be guaranteed to receive a response before 5pm PST the following Monday (unless it is a holiday).
You can also report feedback to our feedback page and check out our website or social media profiles for more information: Website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. We look forward to hearing from you.